5 ways to use crystals in Witchcraft

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Have you ever wondered how to use Crystals in your spirituality?

Watch as psychic-medium Anielle details 5 ways to use crystals so you can

  • get sacred knowledge from ancient crystals like Lemurian Seed Crystals
  • manifest your desires
  • connect to the mineral world
  • and more

1. Connect with crystals to access hidden information and ancient consciousness

You can connect with your crystals in a variety of ways. Some of our favorites are to

A. Hold the crystal in your receiving hand

B. Sleep with the crystal under your pillow or under your bed

C. Charge your drinking water with crystals using a crystal water bottle


Seahome’s glass crystal bottles are our favorites since they offer a lot of quality crystal choices and are affordable.

2. Enhance your intention with Crystals

You can allow the power of crystals to magnify and enhance your intention in spellwork. For example, if you desire love add rose quartz in your spells- whether you are doing candle witchcraft, kitchen magic, etc.

If you have a unique intention make your spell and add clear quartz to amplify its energies! 

The best way to use crystals to magnify your intention is by assembling them into a crystal grid. A great book to learn how to assemble a crystal grid easily is The Book of Crystal Grids: A practical guide to achieving your dreams


3. Decorate your sacred space with Crystals

Crystals can help to elevate the energy of any space. Selenite, Amethyst and Rose Quartz are perfect crystals to add a loving and positive energy to a space. Darker crystals like:

are great to protect your space from negativity. 

Merely by placing certain crystals in select corners of your house can completely change your life. This conscious placement of crystals within a space for a desired change is a part of Fung Shui. 


4. Use a crystal sphere or mirror for divination

Before you do any magical working it is important to do divination to learn how effective your spell will be and if you should perform that spell in the first place. 

Using a dark sphere is perfect for scrying information. 


5. Put crystals in a mojo bag

Mojo bags are magical small bags filled with powders,herbs and sometimes small crystals that can be worn, put in a purse, corner or left in a discrete location to bring about desired change. 

Just get crystals

If you are looking to work with crystals but don’t know where to start, where to go to get high quality, real and affordable crystals- whether they be statement crstals, tumbled stones or jewelry go to New Minerals and use the code MAGICK for 15% off their wide selection of beautiful crystals! 




Crystals are powerful tools and spiritual allies that can help invite: 

  • love 
  • protection 
  • healing and magic 

into your life. 


If you want to chat crystals and magic contact Anielle or get our decks!