Ghost Stories

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Throughout the month of October I will be sharing different spookie stories base off of real life events. From hauntings, possessions, and the history of some of your favorite monsters, these stories will be told with a respect for belief, a hint of skepticism, and a little bit of humor.

5 | The Curse of King Tutankhamun

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King Tutankhamun was a boy
king during the height of ancient Egypt’s reign who was erased from
history. Dying under mysterious circumstance, possibly murder, the
discovery of his tomb by Howard Carter in 1923 brought King Tut back
from the dead- in more ways than one. Launching modern Egyptology into
the modern era, Carter’s discovery lodged King Tut into the modern
zeitgeist, and returned Tutankhamun to his place in history. But after
the discovery of the tomb, rich and powerful members of the
archeological team and visitors of the tomb began to die. The cause of
their deaths ranged from violent murders to mysterious illnesses. The
first dead was

Herbert, 5th Earl of Carnarvon. Thanks to an article by novelsit and
mystic Marie Corelli and an omnious statement by aurthor Sir Aurthor
Conan Doyle, King Tut’s mystical revenge went early 1900’s viral. Music: Ross Budgen

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