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When you lose your memory and become someone else…and that someone…is a criminal! And is your fate decided in this world already? Set on a path, two people with star crossed fates…
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Welcome listeners to your Monday Old Time Radio straight from the Haunting Hall vault. Two tales, your first is all about…well….huh funny…I just..can’t remember. So weird, but I can’t remember the seconded story, fate is written, locked in like the cells that bind our protagonists fate. And the lady that would torment his fate line, Jennie Daniels…Jam packed with intrigue and mystery. Now today is a lovely day not only because I get to spend time with you but also, I have new White Tea Warlord, and their name is: I Own Cows! 🐮
This lovely listener has supported me from very early on, leaving comments, and chatting to me on my Soundcloud in the early days. Some of the funniest comments come from I Own Cows and they always manage to put a smile on my face after an episode. So not only to have me smiling, but now your helping the show out – I truly am lucky to have you. Thank you so, so much. I’m currently working on something special for each of my White Tea Warlords because I want to say thank you for your support, it will be unique, I promise.
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#1: Unidentified Body

#2: Second Chance
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