486: 482: The Dread [Writing Prompt Reddit] | If Harry Potter was Horror Fiction

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Writing Prompts [Explicit – Language] πŸ‘‘

I have myself a honey, almond tea in hand, and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into today’s writing prompt story. Now, many of you out there may not have heard or know of what a writing prompt story is. It is a community driven story writing forum that sees anybody submit an idea for a story. So one writing prompt could be:
An ancient battle suit comes to life but only when a 11 year old touched a button on its arms that no-one noticed was there. There’s a war coming and this 11 year old is you.
Writing Prompts is just a fantastic way to throw ideas at a wall made of books and see which idea sticks to that blank paper. Today I bring you a story written by Matig123, which after reading and narrating is what I’d imagine if Harry Potter was a horror story instead – which to me, is one of the best compliments I could dish out. I’ll include Matig123’s redditdetails in the show notes, go check their account out, let them know how much you loved their story mates.


[WP] You’ve always been homeschooled, but your parents decided to send you to a prestigious boarding school to take an entrance exam, which you ace. When you find out only 1 other kid passed (with a 67), you realize this isn’t a normal high school, and that you’re apparently not a normal student.



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