485: 481: Murder in the Grass and Madness in the Blood [HAUNTING HOUR OTR]

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Murder in the Grass and Madness in the Blood!

~ Death in the parks, and madness lying dormant in ones blood…
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A killer on the loose terrorising the local area, and people are afraid to go out at night. And a woman is succumbing to madness, she’s hallucinating, hearing things that aren’t there, calling out to people who don’t respond, and reliving the same horrors that her father was sent to the sanitarium for….but…something doesn’t add up…something…is amiss..
Your Old Time Radio episode, remastered and edited to remove pops and clicks. Your first episode is called The Lonesome Corpse, and your second story is Breakdown – aptly named. The first story I edited today was quite fragile, I did a lot of work on that one, repairing a lot of the audio to ensure it’s audible. And the second story breakdown was also quite a fragile episode but in much better condition than the first story. Both of them are worth your time though
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