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Richard speaks with a documentary filmmaker about Sasquatch and Wildmen sightings and legends from around the world.

Guest: Darcy Weir  is a young filmmaker who recently completed a new Documentary based on the theory that Relic Hominids like Sasquatch live in deep wilderness all around the world. He uncovers some interesting scientific evidence and the connections between sightings in China, Russia and the United States. Darcy Weir has also been making a series of documentaries that focus on UFOs, Secret Space, Underground Bases like Area 51 and Phil Schneider’s Dulce New Mexico testimonials and Bigfoot. His documentaries take an on analysis from a theoretical perspective, showing historical references and facts the surround each mystery. His new documentary series called Beyond The Spectrum can be found on Amazon Prime, TubiTv and many other streaming platforms to view.

Documentary: Sasquatch Among Wildmen 


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