481: Episode 476- SFGT | Ad Nauseam, Ad Mortem, Ad Infinitum [Part 3/3] THUD! πŸ‘»

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Ad Nauseam & Ad Mortem Infinatum: Seeing Ghosts! πŸ‘»

~ When seeing ghosts is a one way street…it’s quote a lonely road to travel…

Story: Ad Nauseam, Ad Mortem, Ad Infinitum

Author: EmpyrealInvective

Link: https://creepypasta.fandom.com/wiki/Ad_Nauseam,_Ad_Mortem,_Ad_Infinitum


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πŸŽ‰ #2: Maya πŸŽ‰

πŸ’€ #3: Divided by Zir0 πŸ’€

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Well listeners, this was one sad, terrifying tale. A lot to unpack here emotionally, and narrative. During the first half of this story I was wondering what he was seeing was true, whether they had some kind of illness, or perhaps mental illness that lead to them seeing the deaths of those around him over and over again. Despite not having any information on the girl that would hang herself I thought maybe later he’d uncover a truth, or had heard something off hand about the house and he began hallucinating – that never eventuated, and we are left to wonder who that girl was.
The grandfather being suffocated to death by the mother was truly sad and morbid, I wondered during that part how often this happens? How many times people who are in this state think of this taking place – both as the person in that state and those looking after them…the strain it puts on them both…the agony. The protagonist mentions this once near the end, and I think that’s him coming to terms with his mothers decision.
Lastly is the boy being killed by our protagonist, watching his body crawl the tree alcove, hiding from the road, the pain, and succumbing to death. The alcoholism that our protagonist is left to endure and what eventually takes over his life – linked to the murder of his grandfather…this is one tale that is so very, very sad. What you have done, regarding your mothers murder of your grandfather? If it was taking over your life like this, what would you do?
Enjoy your brilliant listeners! 😱

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