Conspiracies & Cryptids

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Conspiracies & Cryptids is a bi-weekly "fireside chat" style podcast about conspiracy theories, cryptozoology, and cryptids.

48: Too Much Butt Stuff and 1920s OnlyFans

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DISCLAIMER: During this episode, Sammy refers to a person’s vagina as “lady parts.” He would like to make it clear that he understands that not everyone with a vagina is a lady, and he will work harder to do his part to normalise removing gendered language such as this from his vernacular.

This week’s guest, Julia from What’s In Your Hometown, delves into the history and mystery behind the Japanese folktale creature known as the Kitsune. Then, Sammy discusses, in depth, the life and times of Harry Houdini, and how some think his death may have been an assassination.

Julia’s podcasts are What’s In Your Hometown? and Disclaimer: Results May Vary and you can find them on most podcatchers.

You can find her at the following social media sites.

Twitter: @WIYHT @ DisclaimerP

Instagram: @whatsinyourhometown @DisclaimerPod