479: Episode 474 – SFGT | Murder Wears a Mask & Old Mans Game [Haunting Hour OTR]

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Murder Wears a Mask & Old Mans Game

~ When the life expectancy of individual, determines the wealth of a group…greed prevails.


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Steve… a man without a motive is slammed with murder and has just till midnight to find out who the killer. Marsha, Ben, no-one he knows is there to support him, except…Roy the detective himself. And…great scott! The body count is piling up mates. Motive is the key in today’s tale Murder Wears a Mask.
Our second tale sees old man taking the piss out of each other over their longevity…in a joined will that sees the pot luck based on the pot luck of those alive. Loren Stebins plays a morbid game with players that only share those morbid intentions…a game that gets taken too far…that gets taken literally…all for the desire of wealth…mysterious, murder..and madness.
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