470: Episode 465 – SFGT | Blakkr N贸tt and Blood Ceremony [Cellular Sentience]

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Blakkr N贸tt and Blood Ceremony [Cellular Sentience]
~ When one cuts to deep, you may discover something you wish…you hadn’t…
EXPLICIT: Adult Themes; self-harm, mutilation, suicide, death, gore.

1: Blakkr N贸tt by TheJangoLegacy


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A kingdom is in the midst of celebrations, people are happy, small talk amongst friends, food in the hall, and entertainment, but friends, there is a knock on the door. A knock with a heavy burden, a door knock of doom to the king and his queen, and knock that resounds throughout the halls and into the hearts of those that enjoy their time within the kingdom, a knock with resounding force that shakes the fate of those inside.
And when stress takes on a turn to self harm, to self mutilation, when one cuts to seek a release, but what if you cut too deep? What if you dig and find a part of you that you never knew existed, a part of you that, with enough coaxing, you could rid yourself of. Welcome listeners, this is a continuation of the previous set of stories and I鈥檝e saved the more intense ones for last. So strap yourselves in mates!
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