466: Episode 462 – SFGT | De Sauntros & Isle of Screens by Lucid Creator ?

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De Sauntros & Isle of Screens by Lucid Creator πŸ“š
Eldritch creatures | Monsters | STATIC that consumes!
πŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“š De Sauntros and Isle of Screens by Lucid Creator πŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“š


#1: Matthew J Bower

#2: Maya

#3: Divided by Zir0

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A ravaged land does make a ravaged man, the world is stripped off it’s resources, and monstrosities roam the land, and where travelling together isn’t always the answer to keep safe, especially when it is your own body that simply has a mind of it’s own. Loveliest of listeners today I bring you an authors tale and I really love these. In fact I haven’t done one of these is aaages and just love it when people reach out to me with their stories. So a big thank you to Lucid Creator for today’s two tales – De Sauntros and Isle of Screens.
For my patreons I’ll include the drawings he sent my way regarding the creatures, so you’ll get to see the visualisation of these monstoros straight from the authors mind, and I won’t lock it behind a paywall folks, you know that’s not how I roll.
Now my awesome listeners, turn the lights off, the sound up, and stay quick…I think…I think one of these things is in the same room with us…..


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