465: Episode 461 – SFGT | GRAY, The Grey, The Grotesque [Ghosts,Aliens,Curses]

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Three Creepy tales – GRAY, The Grey, The Grotesque [Ghosts,Aliens,Curses]
Aliens that cause people to explode, a haunted cemetery, and an obsession brought upon by passion…


The Grey:


Written by Crosby Allison
The Grotesque:



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…aliens, gore, and madness…
A creature with grey skin and humanoid body haunts a house, at first it makes you uneasy, but thenโ€ฆitโ€™s presence slips your mind. Itโ€™s shear inactivity, absence of action, reduction of self makes you forget itโ€™s actually thereโ€ฆbut soonโ€ฆthe Gray will show itโ€™s true colours. A cemetery holds dark secrets, haunts from a past that is left untold, and plays mind games with those that it captures in itโ€™s dark webโ€ฆa history that will never be revealed.
And a friend mourns another, his best friend Patrick, and his decent into obsession, in what we can only assume takes place after he receivesโ€ฆthe grotesque.
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