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Richard welcomes an electronics technician who claims to have solved Albert Einstein’s Unified Field Theory and cracked the secret of anti-gravity.

Guest: Mark Fiorentino is a self-taught Metaphysician who worked as an accomplished troubleshooter for technology companies like IBM and Harris Government Systems. He worked primarily as a computer and electronics technician and developed many award-winning, state oof the art software programs that solved problems concerning failure analysis of electronic assemblies and computer systems.f the art software programs that solved problems concerning failure analysis of electronic assemblies and computer systems.   It was in the summer of 1964 when he was first introduced to Einstein and the idea of the Unified Field Theory. At that time, he was just 9 years old and was greatly impressed by this man and his idea of uniting the forces of nature. He continued learning about Einstein and worked on developing my own Theory of Everything. It is now over 50 years later and the dream has been realized.  Mark is the author of Master of Reality: Super Relativity – Unified Field Theory.



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