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40# – Identified flying objects – Are Aliens really human time travelers from our future? #maythe4thbewithyou We discuss the new book by Dr Michael. P Masters called identified flying objects. The book covers his theory that aliens from distant worlds might not be the who has been visiting us in disc shape craft, and could very well be humanity’s future selfs observing it’s past. A great theroy that covers a few of our favourite topics. ALIENS, SPACE AND TIMETRAVEL. We also have a look at this week’s NASA News like the Astriod known as the God of chaos due to pass the earth 2029 and how new tech fabricated from scrap parts designed to track C02 levels on earth had been delivered to the ISS courtesy of the falcon rocket. All this news plus a bunker load more besides. Join Gaz and Taylor for another episode of Never a straight answer podcast.

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