4.11 | Strange Listener Stories 15 – Swimming Pool Nightmares, Mirror Demons, and Dark River Dwellers

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It’s a warm summer night.. You’re all alone in the orange grove, and decide to take advantage of the solitude by diving into the still waters of a strangely placed swimming pool. All is peaceful.. until you begin to feel that something’s wrong.

There’s an ominous brooding in the air.. and you feel as though you’re being watched! You shake it off and tell yourself it’s your imagination. After all, you’re all alone, swimming in the dark. But when you push off from the slick cement, something grabs you by the ankle!!

From Roadside Hyena Monstrosities to Occult rituals in the Redlands, on this Episode of Belief Hole, we tread the dark, back-country of the bizarre to bring you true, terrifying tales of the inexplicable and the unknown.

Also.. Jon is a Starchild, Jeremy urnes for Dogman Awakening, and Chris is a Whore for Horror

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TIMESTAMPS 0:00 | Coming Up! 2:21 | Grinning, Braid Pulling Doppelgangers, Beccoinig Fire Lights, Occult Rituals in the Redlands, Bipedal, Highway Heyina’s, AND MORE!! 6:06 | Dog-Monster in the Road | Tavis [ STORY ] Dogman? WereHyena? 11:40 | Shunka Warakin | The North American Hyena | Ringdocus cryptic – Israel Ammon Hutchins (Hunter) Joseph Sherwood (Taxidermist) 16:25 | Call of the Fire Lights | Anonymous [ STORY ] 26:53 | The River at Dawn | Dani Turpin [ STORY ] Family Haunting | River Entity 34:03 | Braid Puller | Dani Turpin | [ STORY ] Doppelganger Mirror Entity 40:26 | Expansion Discussion | The Portlock Alaska Mystery – Terror of Chatham bay! 43:28 | Expansion Preview | The Portlock Alaska Mystery – Terror of Chatham bay! 45:43 | Nightstalker Beard Products! | Ruddyman Grooming 47:04 | Sky Whale Rider Thank you! | Theresa Burch 48:25 | Darkness Disclaimer – Redlands 48:25 | Lock Away Your Cats | Petra [ STORY ] Witchcraft and Sacrifice in the Redlands 53:20 | Hauntings and Occult Activity in the Redlands 56:09 | The Pool in the Orange Grove | Petra [ STORY ] Supernatural Pool Attack 59:59 | Grandma Tucked Me In | Lara [ STORY ] Spirit Visitation 1:04:34 | Patreon Thank Yous! 01:11:34 | Outtakes