#39: How Religion is Used to Control the World

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Human beings have a deep desire to know what happens to us when we die. It is an innate feeling that everyone experiences to some degree, but is this something that can ever be understood?

Throughout time, religion has stepped in to fill the gaps in our understanding of the mysteries of life, but anytime information is offered, the source must be examined to determine the accuracy of the claims. This is where the people have been duped because where questions are asked, there will always be someone waiting to give their version of an answer, and nowhere has the hijacking of information been more rampant than through religion.

Thousand-year-old books telling stories like a centuries-long game of Telephone have tarnished the message, as have kings that have sought to change the texts. The translations of languages that have since disappeared add to the murkiness of the messages, but many people still believe that the words in these ancient manuscripts are in fact the word of God. Are they, or have we stumbled upon the greatest scam in human history?

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