#389: The Hidden Hand Behind UFOs | Matt Ehret

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For seventy years the mainstream media and intelligence community have been fitting tin foil hats for anyone who claimed to have had any kind of extraterrestrial experiences, but now all of a sudden there are congressional hearings, press conferences, television reporting, and interviews on Joe Rogan talking about how UFOs are not just real, but mainstream.

Author and filmmaker, Matt Ehret, is back to discuss his new 8-part series called “The Hidden Hand Behind UFOs” where he explores the secret societies behind UFO disclosure, not to mention the obvious role of the CIA through front groups such as To The Stars Academy.

Have the Rockefellers been involved in pressing for this disclosure? Absolutely, so that should give most people pause when it comes to trusting what they hear. The truth is that the oligarchy is laying the foundation for the general public to become true believers in UFOs and aliens, and that should make people suspicious.

Matt Ehret
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