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In Episode 385: Metaphysical Dogman we are joined by Josh Turner from Paranormal Round Table. For the better part of a year, the listeners of The Confessionals and Paranormal Round Table have been messaging Josh and me about doing an episode together. About a month ago, Josh and I finally connected and decided to do a couple of shows for our prospective audiences. Josh had a dogman encounter when he was a teenager that realigned his life course and what he would be pursuing. What he saw seemed very physical and for years, he thought this beast was simply that – a beast that was out there lurking in the shadows. But the more Josh researched and talked to people about their encounters, the more he was opened up to the idea that dogman was something more than just a monster. But it wasn’t until he talked to people who were present during his encounter as a teenager that he learned what he saw and what they saw were very different things. It was the information Josh needed to push him over the edge into a new way of thinking about this topic. It wasn’t just a physical dogman he was chasing, but rather a metaphysical dogman.

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