#385: Lighting The Fuse On World War 3 | Makia Freeman

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As the gears of war slowly start to engage, it is reminiscent of the build-up to World War 1 with a regional skirmish between Serbia and Austria that quickly drew in multiple nations and eventually led to the death of over 20 million people. With so many mutual defense pacts between nations in the region, it seems as if the conflict could escalate whether the countries want it to or not.

The carnage in Israel and Gaza has similarities in several ways including the possibility of the attacks being allowed to happen in order to create the justification for a full-scale invasion of the Palestinian region. With history as a guide, it becomes clear that all major world wars were started under false pretenses and that this one would be no different.

Author Makia Freeman explains how things got to where they are and why the media is being used to fuel the acceleration of aggression. Can we understand the plan in time to stop things from spiraling out of control, or are we lighting the fuse on World War 3?

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