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Three times a week, Richard Syrett delivers in-depth conversations with independent researchers and alternative media investigators, whistleblowers, eyewitnesses, former intelligence and military personnel. After twenty years covering conspiracies and the unexplained on a major-market radio station, plus time spent in the air-chair on Coast to Coast AM, the most-listened-late night radio program in the world, Richard has earned the trust, respect and admiration of the very best people in their respective fields. Get your consciousness updated three times a week and prepare to have your mind blown while you drive, exercise, cook, or walk the dog. Conspiracy Unlimited is here because it's later than we think, and there's no time to waste!


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Richard welcomes a web producer and writer who reveals how the current pandemic is influencing the dreamscape.

GUEST: Lex Lonehood has been the Web Producer for Coast to Coast AM,America’s most popular overnight radio show, since 2002, and was a longtime features writer for “After Dark,” (the radio show’s affiliated print magazine). Over the last 17 years, his work has been read by millions of people, and he has earned respect for his keen ability to evaluate the often esoteric and complex material presented by guests on Coast to Coast AM. His illuminating yet concise summaries and articles stand as a valuable database and resource for those studying a wide range of topics including the paranormal, fringe science, and alternative theories. His latest article is Dreams and Nightmares in the Age of Coronavirus.

He is the author of NightmareLand: Travels at the Borders of Sleep, Dreams, and Wakefulness


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