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375. Genies, Demons & DNA Controlling the Internet!

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Thank you for listening to another episode of DWP!

This is all about computing “Daemons” which DARPA created to help computers run seamlessly. Out of all the things you could call self running programs, why land on “Daemon”?

Also, the role that DNA plays in the whole endgame plan along with experimental tech that was introduced to us back in 2020.

Here is the twitter thread referenced …

steph maj swanson on Twitter: “I’ll explain negative prompt weights, in case you don’t know. With these, instead of creating an image of the text prompt, the AI tries to make the image look as different from the prompt as possible. This logo was the result of the negatively weighted prompt “Brando::-1”. https://t.co/c1XfkN23hu” / Twitter


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