#361: Masking The Truth Of The Great Plandemic | Don Jeffries

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Don Jeffries’s newest book arose from a personal tragedy when his brother was murdered by doctors and nurses that implemented the psychotic COVID-19 protocols on patients, all but guaranteeing that the death toll would spike as a result. These so-called COVID deaths provided the government and the mainstream media with the statistics they demanded in order to designate this a “pandemic” and start the process of destroying the world.

In “Masking the Truth: How COVID-19 Destroyed Civil Liberties and Shut Down the World”, Jeffries takes a deep dive into the ample evidence of advanced preknowledge of the impending pandemic from holding Event 201 in October of 2019 to patents on vaccines that precede the introduction of the alleged virus to Operation Warp Speed.

Many people are slowly starting to ask the questions that they should have been asking when the whole show began in early 2020, and Donald Jeffries has the answers, along with the backing evidence, that the public is looking for. We know that they got away with mass murder, and Jeffries shows exactly how they pulled off the greatest criminal fraud in the history of the planet.

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