#360: North Atlantic Terrorist Organization

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They promised the Russians “not one inch eastward” when discussing the future plans of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or as it is known to the world: NATO. It only took eight years before that promise was officially broken into pieces and scattered to the wind, so anything that NATO tells Russia with regard to the situation in Ukraine should not be trusted under any circumstances. They have a long history of lying to everyone about what they are actually doing.

The truth is that NATO is the largest terrorist organization in the world, and its crimes have been documented for more than half a century starting with Operation Gladio and running through the modern-day Ukraine intervention. Not only are they terrorists, but they also qualify as “war criminals” for supplying the Zelensky regime with illegal and internationally banned munitions such as cluster bombs and depleted uranium artillery shells.

On the path towards world government, one will see the footprints of NATO disguised as a defensive force for good, but those who understand what this organization actually is realize that the footprints were made by goosestepping authoritarians seeking to control the planet.

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