#346: American Fuhrer

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The leader of Germany was well known for having his political opponents jailed while consolidating power into his own hands to be used against anyone that spoke out against his insane ideas and dictates. He sent tens of thousands of his Gestapo agents to monitor the activities of his citizens, and jailed people that refused to go along with his increasingly more outrageous and nonsensical plans.

Joe Biden has quite a bit in common with Adolf Hitler beside the German Shepard and the weaponization of the FBI against political rivals. There are 87,000 IRS agents that will be deployed to monitor the intimate dealings of the American people, the delusion of pushing a Net Zero Carbon fantasy, and the army of online influencers that are paid to try to make the Biden Administration look competent, an almost impossible task.

If things continue to head on the current trajectory there won’t be much left to even fight over, as the smoldering remains of the once-great American nation lie in ruins while the pride flag waves and the people starve.

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