#324: Cameron Bellamy — Where the Mind Goes During a 56+ Hour Ocean Swim & Rowing the Drake Passage

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This week we are chatting with ultra endurance ocean swimmer and rower Cameron Bellamy!!

In 2019, Cameron swam across the open ocean for 56+ hours from Barbados to St. Lucia and then followed it up by rowing with a team of five other guys across the treacherous Drake Passage to Antarctica.

In this episode, we talk about what it is like to swim for over two days. Where does the mind go? How do you battle the self doubt, the fear, the slow degradation of the body?

We also talk about how the body feels after swimming through a swarm of jellyfish, Cameron’s charity “Ubunye Challenge” which raises money for early childhood education in rural South Africa and Zimbabwe, how he got into big endurance adventures and what his experience was like rowing the Drake for Discovery Channel’s Impossible Row.

This one is a can’t miss episode!!!!

I hope you are completely inspired and awed by Cameron as I am!


Support his charity: https://www.ubunyechallenge.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cam_ubunye/

Impossible Row: https://www.discovery.com/shows/the-impossible-row