#324: American Genocide

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The Nazis weren’t the only regime that tried to normalize the process of sterilizing the “undesirables” in order to benefit society. In fact, the Third Reich borrowed the concept from, and was able to normalize it inside Germany, because of the laws that had been instituted in America decades earlier.

The face of depopulation is always thought to be of some genocidal dictator standing on a pile of dead bodies, while the truth is that the work that Margaret Sanger did in the early 1900s is responsible for more death than Pol Pot could ever dream of. The Nazi death machine borrowed its ideas from Sanger’s group which predated the Reich by many years, and Ernst Rudin, the “Director of Genetic Sterilization” under Hitler, used the American eugenics program as the “proof of concept” that he needed to launch the Nazi’s Racial Hygiene program.

The two-pronged attack of sterilization mixed with abortion has created a hole inside America that will never be filled, and Sanger’s Planned Parenthood organization is the leading culprit in this destruction.

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