#323: The Grow Network | Marjory Wildcraft

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Marjory Wildcraft stood on the stage at Anarchapulco and informed the crowd that there was going to come to a point in the not-too-distant future where they were going to need to be responsible for growing their own food if they want to survive. She had everyone’s attention.

The founder of The Grow Network stops by to explain how to start the process of making oneself protected from supply chain failures, food shortages, rationing, and GMOs. Large amounts of land are not needed in order to grow food, just the desire to get started and a bit of education in order to shave off part of the learning curve.

The Grow Network’s Academy has everything you need to get educated on growing food, breeding backyard plants and animals, making your own medicine to treat infections, and much more. The free seminar can be found at the link below.

Find Marjory at: The Grow Network – www.charliesbackyardfarm.com

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