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The Biden Administration hates the people of America and this is evidenced by their continued agenda of destroying the sovereignty of the United States every chance they get. The World Health Organization has been granted the authority to override the laws and constitution of the United States during the event of a global pandemic, so after over 200 years of independence America now belongs to unelected globalists through a newly formed Medical Police State.

Ukraine continues to be the focus of Biden’s team for unlimited funds and weapons to fight a losing battle over a border that doesn’t concern America, while the education system in the state of Illinois can’t find a single kid out of 53 schools that are proficient at math. And if that math doesn’t add up then how do we explain the optics of Biden showing up unannounced in Kyiv while Palestine, Ohio is a smoldering disaster without any federal assistance and not even so much as a photo op by the president himself? It’s America Last for the Biden administration and the evidence is everywhere.

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