31 : The Big Fountain Medium

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The episode where we talk about all things paranormal! Lindsey starts us off with the most haunted road in Michigan – Dice Road, and more specifically, the Merrill house on Dice Road. Watch out for sonic booms, TP that is lit AF (literally), and a woman who puts men in a trance with her no pants dance (probably). Next, Sarah takes us to Indiana with Fox Hollow Farms, and the horrific murders behind the haunted location. Watch out here for legless apparitions, vacuuming gravel, and some creepy poolside mannequins. Finally, Boydston finishes us off in England with the Black Monk of Pontefract and we learn the difference between a ghost and a poltergeist. Watch out for debauchery with plants, some teen angst, Fred and an evil Monk.

And if our into made you wonder what Lindsey aspirated on White Claw or you have been living under a rock – there is an erotica book about COVID. Google it. You’re welcome.


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