#305: Jason Hardrath — Wisdom Cultivated Through 115 FKTs, “Journey to 100” Film

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Get your pencils and journals ready everybody because you’re gonna want to write down pretty much everything Jason Hardrath says in this episode!!!!

Chatting with Jason was exactly what I imagine talking to the wiseman at the top of the mountain is like! Which is sensible considering Jason is the type of person you’d find on the top of many many mountains.

A few years ago he set out to complete 100 FKTs (Fastest Known Times). Throughout the journey he gained insight and wisdom as he expressed his specific type of art- movement through nature. The adventures were epic and the ideas cultivated throughout were beyond life changing.

Once he got to FKT 99 he decide the wanted number 100 to be beyond monumental. He decided to set out to climb the 100 tallest mountains in Washington faster than anyone else. In other words, instead of taking on a short or “easy” FKT, he challenged himself to CLIMB MOUNTAINS FOR FIFTY STRAIGHT DAYS!!

I truly hope you enjoy this one as I think Jason absolutely gets “it” – what adventure can do for our souls, how it impacts our lives, and what it truly feels like to experience this world to the fullest!

Be sure to check out the film about this attempt “Journey to 100”!

Website: https://www.jasonhardrath.com

“Journey to 100”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMg5bMtixPs&t=1s

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jasonhardrath/?hl=en