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Are silent and spinning, black pyramids watching us from the skies above? The recent Pentagon Confimation of leaked footage showing Pyramidal UFOs and Images of other bizarre UAPs captured by the NAVY suggest there is a copious variety of secret somethings traversing our atmosphere. What are they and where do they come from? How did the paranormal experience of a DIA scientist at Skinwalker Ranch spark the beginnings of a now disclosed Pentagon UFO (UAP) Program? And if disclosure does come, can we trust those who claim to be revealing ‘the truth’ after years of ridicule and disinformation? Join us in the Hole as we start at the beginning and try to break down programs like ATTIP, NIDS, BAASS and AAWSAP, recount corroborating eye-witness accounts of eerie pyramids surveying neighborhoods and discuss the covert media infiltration that is hilarious at best and sinister at worst. So grab your night vision goggles and your best running shoes, because tonight we explore the clandestine skies and the secrets they keep!

EXPANSION EPISODE 3.7 EXP | Aliens on the Playground and Schoolyard UFOs

FULL SHOW NOTES 3.7 | Pyramid UFOs Haunt the Sky! Pentagon UFO Disclosure or Deception

TIMESTAMPS: 3:56 | Topic Introduction – UFOs In the News, Acceleration of Alleged Disclosure and the Skinwalker Ranch Connection 14:21 | Discolsure Recap – 2017 and onward 14:57 | Tic Tac UFO Encounter – USS Nimitz 16:52 | The Programs and Pentagon Confirmation Revelation 20:13 | A Visit to Skinwalker Ranch – The Beginning 31:24 | The Blimp, The Sphere and The Acorn 40:43 | The Channel Islands Incident  44:11 | Behind the Leaked Pyramid UFO Video 51:33 | Classified Russian Pyramid UFO Video from the 70’s 53:25 | Corroborating Pyramid Craft Encounters 109:38 | Project Mockingbird, CIA Infiltration of the Media and Misinformation Campaigns 123:36 | Hive Mind Media Clip 1:24:53 | ‘Dangerous to our Democracy’ and Final Thoughts