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3.2 He Never Died

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Is it a vampire movie, or a movie about an unkillable ancient cannibal who consumes blood to take the edge off of his hunger for human flesh?


Whatever your thoughts on whether or not He Never Died is a vampire movie, it IS a story that delves into concepts such as ennui and depression, the challenges of sobriety, and gnawing questions about the existence of god that invite the inevitable questions about good and evil and the possibility for redemption, which means that this bleak, bloody, nihilistic film is exactly the kind of vampire story Rose Sinister likes to sink her teeth into, this time with an extra helping of Biblical exegesis with help from my friend and fellow vampire nerd, Rabbi Uriarte.


That’s right. I consulted a Rabbi on this episode for you, dear readers. All errors in pronunciation and interpretation are entirely my own, however.


This was a fun episode to make, and while it’s been delated by travel, Mardi Gras, and my own bout with Covid-19, it’s here at last, and a lot more content on the way, since what better time than quarantine and lockdown than to work on new content to be published from here on out?


The delay in publishing this episode has also allowed me to hammer out details with this podcast’s new sponsor, : welcoming the vampire world by keeping Endless Night culture alive


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