#292: Will “Akuna” Robinson — Adventure, Healing, & Purpose on Trail, Triple Crown of Thru-Hikes

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In this episode Will “Akuna” Robinson shares the story of discovering a deep sense of purpose and meaning while hiking the nation’s three longest trails: Pacific Crest, Appalachian, and Continental Divide.

Will is an Iraq War Veteran who returned home after being medically evacuated. After dealing with years of complacency and depression, he stumbled across the film “Wild” about Cheryl Strayed’s journey on the PCT. A few weeks later he was out on the trail with his pack open to anything the journey ahead could throw at him.

That journey changed his life. Since 2016 he has hiked the PCT, the Appalachian Trail and the Continental Divide trail- The Triple Crown.

In this episode we talk about how nature gives us space to process certain life events, what it felt like to leave his everyday life to embrace the trail, and the ways he has grown through his journey.

This episode is EXCELLENT and I am beyond excited to share Akuna’s story with you!