#251: The Planned Collapse Of The Global Economy | Clint Russell

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The Mainstream Media’s job is to divert the general public away from the real events that impact their lives and shift their focus onto a neverending stream of unimportant distractions designed to keep them unaware of the creeping authoritarian Police State that is being built up around them.

Clint Russell managed money for many years and understands how the Globalists are using some very sophisticated language and tactics to shift the public into a disastrous system of global carbon taxes, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC), and ESG scores as a way of shaping behavior while getting insanely rich in the process.

Will society figure out that the Green New Deal is a scam of epic proportions in time, or will BlackRock and the World Economic Forum remake society in their image and force the people to live in pods and eat ze bugs? Time is running out.


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