#248: Magnus Brisman — Trail Blazing Sweden, A Half Marathon In All Of Sweden’s National Parks

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This week we welcome Magnus Brisman to the show!

Magnus is a traveling salesman in Sweden who, after driving all around and quickly approaching age 50, decided he was going to run a half marathon through every one of the country’s the thirty national parks.

This week we chat all about this adventure! Magnus shares stories of extremely cold half marathons to having to take helicopters and boats into the parks to moments of pure elation in some of the prettiest places on Earth!

I was also interested in his perspective on what sorts of things a big passion project like this brings to one’s life. I truly believe a goal you are striving to achieve is of extreme importance in bringing passion, joy, a solid mindset, and a sense of adventure to one’s life and Magnus represents this wholly.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/trailblazingswe/

Sweden’s National Parks: https://www.nationalparksofsweden.se


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