#240: Matt Allred — Regaining Fitness, Mental Health, Creativity and Parenthood

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This week we are chatting with Matt Allred about his journey in taking control of his health, how he rediscovered fitness, how to maintain mental health, the importance of creativity in his life and the challenges of parenthood.

Matt is an OB-GYN based out of Idaho who balances his own personal fitness and health with a busy career life and life as a husband and father.

In this episode, Matt shares openly about his journey out of a TRENCH, a low point where a decline in physical health bled over into his mental well being and family life. With consistent little changes towards fitness he was able to regain control of his mindset, lost 30 pounds, and saw the benefits in his emotional and mental health.

This episode is all about struggles in parenting and how being aware of moments of failure are motivational in our constant battle to be the best dads we can be. We also chat about the importance of creative projects in showing our kids that adults can still be passionate, active, motivated people enjoying this beautiful world!

Matt also talks about how to increase our capacity for Mental Health in this stressful year, why music and exercise is so important to his happiness, and how he discovered his happy place in Iceland.

This is a great conversation and I have discovered recently that I really enjoy talking openly with fellow parents about all the highs and lows of parenting. We all want to be excellent for our kids and I’m finding that these authentic and open conversations have helped me feel like “We’re all in this together” versus “I’m the only one going through this” mindset.

Hope you guys enjoy!!


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