#238: John Petersen 2 — “The Impossible Row” Reflections a Year Later, Rowing to Antarctica

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This week we are bringing back John Petersen, rower, family man, principal, and one of my favorite guests from 2020!

At the end of 2019 John had a very unique adventure as he joined a team of five other guys to complete “The Impossible Row”. The first completely manpowered row of the treacherous Drake Passage from Chile to Antarctica.

In the last episode we talked right after this event and I wanted to bring him back on to hear his reflections a year out. What lessons from the row has he continued to use in everyday life? What was it like to view the documentary of such a wild adventure? (“The Impossible Row” is now on Discovery+ and was excellent!) How has he been changed by his first expedition?

We also get a chance to dive deeper into the row itself as we talk the brutality of the storms in the Drake Passage, the formation of a brotherhood with his fellow rowers/adventurers, what it was like endure day after day of intense rowing for nearly 13 straight days.

This is a great conversation with an incredible human being and I am honored to be able to have John back on the show. Hope you guys enjoy!! John, thank you so much for sharing wisdom, stories and captivating my imagination!


Impossible Row Documentary: https://www.discoveryplus.com/show/the-impossible-row-13008

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