#236: Candice Burt 4 — Lessons From Taking On Audacious Goals!

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This week Candice Burt, one of my favorite guests ever, returns to the show!

In this episode we talk about all of the ups and downs she faced over the last year including pulling the plug on her Arizona Trail FKT attempt due to the COVID shutdowns last March, creating the awesome East Coast vs. West Coast Challenge with Jason Green, and organizing and directing the monumental Moab 240!

We also dive into her mindset when going after audacious goals, how she finds contentment through her ambition, the importance of being adaptable, and how expanding your physical abilities expands everything else.

Candice is one of the most fascinating ultrarunners out there with some major achievements as both an athlete and a race director. I’m always captivated when chatting her and am ridiculously excited to share this episode with you guys!


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/runcandicerun/

Website: https://www.candiceburt.com/

Sign up for a 200 miler (or her other races) here: https://www.destinationtrailrun.com


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