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Well before Steve Blackwell moved into 232 Birch, Steve had a childhood dotted with paranormal run-ins. Encounters that proved the existence of ghosts and sprits in our world to him, as facts of life. As an adult, Steve and his future wife would begin their lives together at the address of 232 Birch. An address that would leave them wanting to better understand the spirits that cohabitate the world we share. Visits from a little ghost boy, strange noises and unexpanded happenings would lead Steve and his wife to a journey of paranormal discovery. This is the story of Steve Blackwell and 232 Birch.

In part 2 of our interview at http://www.patreon.com/thegravetalks we discuss:
What was Steve’s wife opinion about the ghost boy wandering around their home?

After they saw a little boy at 232 Birch, how did things take a turn for the dark?

What did Steve’s daughter see when in her bed as a small child?

How did this entity affect Steve’s daughter while sleeping?

Did Steve and his wife miss the Ghosts after they moved out of their haunted house?

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