#231: From Blacklists To Blast Off | Zach Vorhies

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When software developer Zach Vorhies noticed the Far Left’s “woke virus” infecting his workplace at Google, he decided to document the insanity of the agenda by downloading files and storing them away in case they were ever needed. They didn’t gather dust for too long.

The discovery of an actual “blacklist” deep inside Google’s internal systems was the final straw and Project Veritas was alerted to the rigging of search algorithms and provided with all of the documents they would need to break the case wide open and get the SWAT Team sent to look for Zach Vorhies on the orders of the Google Gestapo.

Zach has now launched Blast.Video as a way of bringing some sanity back to the video playing industry, and it seems like his timing couldn’t be better.


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