#222: The Clinton Crime Family

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From the very beginning, the Clintons were trouble. A 27-year-old Hillary Clinton was described by her first boss as being “a liar” and an “unethical, dishonest lawyer” while she was working on his Watergate investigation. A sign of things to come, to be certain.

Once Bill Clinton started to move up the political ranks as a reward for managing the largest cocaine trafficking operation in the world being run by the CIA & HW Bush, he soon became a “Made Man” inside DC political circles and was headed for the top, but not before cracking some skulls and sexually assaulting multiple women that made the mistake of drifting into his orbit.

You don’t rise to positions of high political power without having the dirt on others, and understanding that others have the dirt on you as well. That tight relationship helps to keep everything quiet, but over time, the criminality of the Clintons was just too immense to ever really be contained.


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