#222: Paul Schurke — Retracing the Expeditions of Peary, Shackleton and Roosevelt

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This week’s episode is with adventurer, polar explorer, environmentalist, Minnesotan, and wonderfully nice guy Paul Schurke!!

Paul is a legend in the adventure world- completing multiple expeditions to the North Pole (including an unsupported trip in the 80s), dogsledding across Siberia (to convince the US and Soviet Union to open the Bering Strait to help out Inuit families), following in the footsteps of Teddy Roosevelt’s River of Doubt expedition in the Amazon, crossing South Georgia Island by the same route as Ernest Shackleton, and so much more.

He now lives on and is a huge proponent for the protection of the Boundary Waters in northern Minnesota (one of my favorite places on the planet), helped establish the Wilderness Inquiry (a program which has the mission of outdoor adventures from all walks of life) and spends his time running the Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge in Ely, Minnesota.

In what became one of my favorite episodes yet, you will hear all about a lifetime of adventure with a wonderful storyteller!! Can’t wait to share this one with you all!!

Big thanks to my dad for telling me that I have to reach out to Paul after reading “Northland” by Porter Fox. The lesson is…always listen to your dad!

More from Paul Schurke:

Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge: https://www.dogsledding.com/a-history-of-wintergreen-dogsled-lodge

Wilderness Inquiry: https://www.wildernessinquiry.org

“North to the Pole” Book: https://www.amazon.com/North-Pole-Will-Steger/dp/0873519906

Bering Bridge Book: https://www.amazon.com/Bering-Bridge-Soviet-American-Expedition-Siberia/dp/0938586319

Wintergreen Northern Wear: https://www.wintergreennorthernwear.com


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