A Little Bit Grim

Hosted ByTaylor White and Jenni Harris-Steele

(Explicit) A Little Bit Grim is a two-host semi scripted podcast that features all the scary things that could happen to a person. In a weekly rotating schedule, we cover paranormal, true crime, folklore, conspiracy theories, cults, and disasters - so you're sure to find something that strikes your fancy!

22. Folklore: Spicy Deja Vu

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It’s the lighthearted installment of A Little Bit Grim – Folklore! Taylor and Jenni are here to tell you, advise you, and warn you – Do Not Mess With The Fae. They’ll mess with you right back…. or burn your house down! Jenni gives us the lore of the Fae in their many forms while Taylor does a dive into one specific type of Fae – The Domovoi. They didn’t plan it, but it worked out well (a change for this indie podcast). Thanks for listening!