#210: Matt ‘Shep’ Shepard 2 — “6 Days in the North”, Going After a Canadian Record

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This week we are catching back up with Shep to hear all about his experience going after the Canadian six day ultra running record!

In a continuation of Episode 205, we dig into the lessons learned and growth experienced during Shep’s “6 Days in the North”. A major theme is “expect the unexpected” as the project started with a massive torrential rainstorm. Enduring unknown challenges with adaptability and confidence is HUGE in life and Shep was a steward of this through this event.

We also dive into the concept of learning from failures and the cycle of “attempt, learn, adjust, attempt” which is a powerful driving factor to anyone’s success!

Hope you guys enjoy the episode! I could seriously chat with him for days as he is incredibly knowledgeable, passionate, driven and shares a wonderful growth mindset!


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CBC Article about Quarantine Ultra: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/valleyview-runner-virtual-ultramarathon-indoors-covid-19-1.5524034?fbclid=IwAR1cuMvJLN3Ym2sKXNSoqVJ0lxu_G_PprSZMQotPo2x4uLbOxXrGWMFhzOg

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