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SUMMARY: Jeremy finds a letter addressed to Ron, and what appears to be notes from Ron indicating his attempt to rid a family heirloom of a very creepy curse.

CONTENT WARNINGS: General horror.



  • This episode was written by Howard Yoon and performed by Jeremy Enfinger
  • Episode artwork by Nathan Lunsford
  • Intro music, “Dark Trailer Rising” by sviridpavlov
  • Sound effects and music by Zapsplat
  • Episode Music, “My Brain is Behind My Teeth” and “Needle Mouth” by Cody Ditzenberger
  • Additional music “Ghostpocalypse 8 Epilog” by Kevin MacLeod (incomptech.com), licensed under Creative Commons by Attribution 3.0. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/


ABOUT: The Storage Papers is produced by Grinner Media LLC. It’s a fictional horror audio drama with episodes published every two weeks. Some topics may be sensitive for younger viewers. Transcripts and content warnings can be found on our website. For additional details, visit:




Thank you for listening to The Storage Papers. If you’re interested in bonus content, we share some of the documents within the papers on a monthly basis that don’t necessarily align with the main direction of Jeremy’s story… at least, as far as he can tell for now. For those and some other exclusive rewards for your support, you can find our Patreon campaign at patreon.com/grinnermedia. Or if you prefer to support the show another way, find our Ko-fi page at Ko-fi.com/grinnermedia

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