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Richard speaks with a woman who was sent to prison after committing fraud during the mortgage crisis that lead to the Great Recession of 2008. She reveals that although everyone was willfully complicit in maze of trickery involving, banks, the government, brokers and borrowers, only a handful of very small players, like her, went to prison.


GUEST: Susan Alt owned a broker-dealer in Los Angeles, California for over 20 years. She held SEC licenses 7, 24 and 27 specializing in venture capital and start up company formation. She was the founder and chair of two public companies while maintaining real estate investments in residential and commercial properties. She is currently a journalist for AltTRUEism, LLC her publishing company and completing a Juris Doctorate in Constitutional Law. She is the author of Fractals of Deception: Odyssey of a Great Recession Fall Girl.

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