2020 Halloween Samhain Special: Movies, Symbolism, Satanic Holidays and Rocky Horror Picture Show!

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Today we take a look at the most popular holiday of the year- HALLOWEEN! The occult holiday of Samhain approaches and we’ll explore the hidden history of this paranormal holiday. We’ll get into the satanic tradition, pagan roots, blood sacrifices, druid symbolism, and much more! We’ll hear about the classic Michael Myers films in the Halloween series and for good measure I’ll toss a 40 minute analysis of Rocky Horror Picture Show to the end of the first half!


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Prepare to take a journey into the hidden realm of the occult as your host, Isaac Weishaupt, explores the vast conspiracy that is cleverly hidden in this beloved cult classic of The Rocky Horror Picture Show with Fair Use images from the actual film that are used to support the case.

The annual rituals on the pagan holiday of Samhain draw its viewers into a world of sex magick and Luciferian doctrine through the Time Warp dance and virgin sacrifices…
Learn how Brad, Janet, Riff Raff, and Frank N Furter all play a part in this age old belief in the perfected form of mankind
Frank N Furter is the “sweet transvestite” that seeks to draw in the Prometheus in a hidden play on Luciferian doctrine that many aren’t able to see…
Aleister Crowley’s Aeon of Horus and channeling of the alien LAM are a bit TOO close to home in this tale of pansexual aliens from Transsexual Transylvania
Vampires of the Qlippoth are attempting to cross the Da’ath side of the life force while conducting the Time Warp Dionysian ritual
Why do we see the lightning bolt so often in the film? Could it be the fallen angel of Lucifer “falling like lightning” from the heavens?…
Occult history of the world and the creation of mankind with the battle between the mother goddess and Saturnian serpent, which is played out in RHPS with Frank vs. Eddie.
Hitler’s Triumph of the Will is evident- as are the allegations that these aliens are Nazi transexuals
Familiar names like Mick Jagger, Lady Gaga, Marianne Faithfull, Anton LaVey, and Kenneth Anger are all revealed to have links to the RHPS as is laid out in this tell-all that proves the beloved Riff Raff to be one of Crowley’s “Black Brothers”
The hidden secret teachings of Kabbalah, Alchemy, transhumanism, pursuits of self-deification, and the satanic worship of the Prometheus are laid out for all to see in this revealing book…

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