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PART 1- THE ASSASINATION OF HUGO CHAVEZRichard welcomes investigative journalist Greg Palast, who speaks about his time in Venezuela in April 2002, where Palast encounters Hugo Chavez for one of the first times. Greg Palast is the author of New York Times’ Best Seller Billionaires and Vallas Bandits and created a documentary called the Assassination of Hugo ChavezPART 2- ASK RICHARD ANYTHINGRichard takes callers and their comments on various different topics ranging from asset acquisition and further comments on Venezuela PART 3- ODD NON-HUMAN BEINGSRichard speaks about UFO’s with lifelong UFO experience and a victim of alien abduction, Posey Gilbert. He has appeared on many talk shows where he has showcased his video documentations of his encounters with aliens