A Little Bit Grim

Hosted ByTaylor White and Jenni Harris-Steele

(Explicit) A Little Bit Grim is a two-host semi scripted podcast that features all the scary things that could happen to a person. In a weekly rotating schedule, we cover paranormal, true crime, folklore, conspiracy theories, cults, and disasters - so you're sure to find something that strikes your fancy!

20. Paranormal: A Bachelor’s Degree in Ghosts

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Another cycle of A Little Bit Grim starts now with a very ookey spooky girl amateur hour! Jenni takes us to the west coast and gives us the scoop on the Winchester Mystery House located in San Jose, CA. Mystery is the perfect word to describe the bizarre nature of this house. Is it a result of a curse of the Winchester empire or was Sarah Winchester simply an obsessed woman overcome with grief? Taylor takes us to the mid-west.- the home of Waverly Hills Sanatorium, a vast and vacant building that houses thousands of souls that met an unfortunate end. It’s all terrible. Welcome to the show!