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Shadows of giants have darkened landscapes across the earth for millennia. From secret skeletons filling the forgotten mounds of the Americas, to controversial, contemporary accounts of middle east battles with cave-dwelling behemoths, we explore the colossal lore that surrounds these timeless titans.. and the evidence that suggests the hidden existence of real giants!

So grab your slingshots and dive into the Hole, because the Giants are coming.. and they’re hungry!

Also.. Nephilim Courtship, Strange Neighbor Behavior, and Jeremy’s Swampy Lowland.

EXPANSION EPISODE: 2.8 EXP | Massive Monstrosities and Buffalo Munching Giants of the Southwest

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08:57 | Giant Mound Builders12:31 | Abe Lincoln’s Famous Giant Quote13:22 | Types of Giants14:55 | Mile High Giants17:15 | Abe’s Full Speech – Giants of Niagara23:01 | Giants in Myth, Across Time and Culture25:05 | Native American Giant Stories26:13 | Giants of Tennessee | Choctaw History and Lore 31:52 | Lovelock Cave | Richard Dewhurst 32:42 | Paiute Indians | Lovelock Cave | Red-haired Giants 37:37 | Scientists Find Giant Skeleton 42:03 | Giant on the Beach in Texas 47:52 | Giant of Kandahar Introduction 59:10 | The MOAB Connection and Secret War on Giants